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Get Fit The Easy Way With 24 Nutrition Tips From Experts

By StalWordsian on 9th Feb 2018
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A busy life, at times, leads to missing out on important aspects such as health, fitness, and nutrition. Some of us are constantly running after money while others are surrounded with relationship turmoils and family concerns.

Well, recently an unfortunate incident in my life made me realize that all the wealth in the world couldn’t help me if my health deteriorates. As clichéd as it sounds, health is indeed the booty we need. This is the ultimate truth of life. So guys – halt, step back, think, and focus on your health.

Allow me to quote these wonderful lines to make you understand my point

Nor love, nor honour, wealth nor pow'r,

Can give the heart a cheerful hour

When health is lost. Be timely wise;

With health all taste of pleasure flies.

John Gay, Fables (1727)

Don’t you agree?

So, where do you start? What do you do? Leave a hectic but well-paying desk job, visit an expensive health-center to achieve a fit body? Nah. It’s actually quite simple.

I put on my thinking cap to find best ways to gain back what I had lost in the long run – my health. I read a lot, went through websites of popular fitness gurus, dieticians, nutritionists, and even chefs to know what I was doing wrong.

Now armed with detailed research, I really want to help others. I curated this blog in the hope that you too will gain something important out of it. I want you to live life how it should be lived... with you at your best.

All you have to do is read through and bring about a few, but significant, changes in your life. You’ll find some really easy and simple tips to incorporate in your daily schedule. In return, witness a positive difference not just physically but also in your mental coordination, balance, and agility. These tips are from experts and professionals who have spent decades in the industry – with a hope to make the world fitter and healthier.

So, are you ready? Then get, set, and go.

TIP #1

Start with easy-to-follow goals in routine life

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Alyson Heller, Author of Simply Nutricising

She’s a registered dietitian nutritionist, friendly foodie, experimental cook, and athlete. You can read her full bio here.

When you step into the beautiful world of health and nutrition, it’s important to create short-term goals. For example, in order to get a lean body, you cut down on or stop consuming junk food altogether – specific and achievable goal.

Alyson says we should begin by asking questions such as how to eat healthy and how many workout days a week we require.

Also, you need to change your “I might” statements to “I will” –

  • I will take a walk for 15 minutes after my meals
  • I will stop eating junk
  • I will spend one hour in the gym for at least four days a week

TIP #2

Go green

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– Dawn Jackson Blatner

She’s a dietician and food & nutrition expert. You can read her full bio here.

Here is one of the best nutrition tips from her. She wants us to focus on eating more leafy vegetables.

It is a simple tip to incorporate, irrespective of your workout plan.

TIP #3

Keep yourself hydrated

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Malia Frey

She’s a weight-loss expert, nutrition specialist, personal trainer, and health coach. You can read her bio here.

How much water do you drink in a day? The count is essential to keep you hydrated and to offer you plenty of health benefits such as glowing skin, toxin-free system, improvement in energy level, and lots more.

Malia Frey suggests drinking water in sessions that last for an hour or so. If you are a sports person or participate in long exercise programs then it is better to consume sports drinks that contain carbohydrates and sodium. Such a liquid is absorbed better by the body.

TIP #4

Eat food that’s healthy yet tasty

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Lauren O’Connor, Owner of Nutri Savvy Health

She’s a yoga teacher and nutrition consultant.You can read her full bio here.

Not many agree that healthy food can be tasty too. But listen to expert nutritionist Lauren O’Connor on the importance of nutritious food that balances convenience, satisfaction, and taste.

Her motto, in her words, is to, “Savor, taste, and enjoy nutrition.” She focuses on family nutrition and inspires us to experience a healthy lifestyle irrespective of where we are and what we do.

Check out her delicious nutri-packed recipe for high-protein pumpkin spiced granola:

TIP #5

Your daily breakfast is important

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– Frank Fata

He is a fitness model and certified personal trainer. You can read his full bio here.

A lot of nutritionists and fitness gurus compel their clients to have a wholesome breakfast. Some of the widely known benefits of that are weight maintenance, reduction in stress levels, improved memory, and low health risks in terms of diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity.

Frank stresses in each of his blog posts to eat breakfast. A meal containing protein and carbs along with healthy fats will keep hunger pangs away and will maintain blood-sugar levels. Some of the best examples can be egg whites, oats, and or whey protein shake.

TIP #6

Practice red, green, and orange rule while eating

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– Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos

Read their full bio here.

Popularly known as the nutrition twins, Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos give excellent and innovative tips to add veggies in your daily diet; one of them is mentioned below.

They call it their ‘Red, Green and Orange Rule’, which means including fruits or vegetables bearing these colors in every meal. Vegetables are a rich reserve of disease-fighting nutrients and they encourage you to enjoy them for their high fiber and low calories. And also to maintain healthy weight and fight aging.

It’s a smart tip to follow. Additionally, it makes for an interesting task to pick up colorful vegetables while shopping. Your kids will love to offer a helping hand. Make memories with your family with this fun activity. What say?

Here’s an add-on tip:

TIP #7

Make nutrition a vital part of snacking

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Kacy Cluxton Massie, Owner of Cluxton Consulting

She is a registered dietician; you can read her bio here.

Snacking here refers to healthy munching between meals and NOT nibbling on fried or junk stuff. It’s natural to experience hunger and a wise way to satisfy your heart and tummy is to find wholesome snack options.

If you’re wondering what can be healthy, well, I am here to help you. You can stock your kitchen with nuts, soups, and baked stuff – quick and easy ways to curb unwanted hunger pangs. I do have an expert tip for you from Kacy.

Kacy suggests adding a fruit in our snack time as it is a healthy option to curb hunger. Also, after consuming a whole food or a fruit, we won’t get too hungry and eat too much in next meal.

So guys, which one is your favorite fruit snack?

TIP #8

Reduce your alcohol content

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Joy Dubost, Creator of Joy Dubost

She is a registered dietician, media expert, competitive figure skater, and Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) beer steward. You can read her full bio here.

This might look like a nah thing, especially in today’s modern life. Nevertheless, when you start understanding the benefits, you’ll surely follow it – as I do these days.

For those of us who love our drinks, I understand that it’s an essential part of our lifestyles. I’m not asking you to give it all up. However, there are ways to cut down alcohol content. Wait! Don’t make a poker face just yet. I have an expert tip for you from Joy.

According to Joy, one drink a day for a woman and two drinks a day for a man – is moderate drinking. Picking up light beers with 4.2% alcohol can be a wise option. In addition to this, mixing up drinks with water or diet soda will also help you in reducing the calorie intake. For instance, choose your spirit, mix up with diet tonic, and flavor it with any fruit you like. And, voila! Your healthy drink is ready!

Isn’t it a smart way to drink? Of course, it is!

TIP #9

Keep a balance of protein in all meals

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Melissa Joy Dobbins, CEO at Sound Bites

A lot of nutritionists and fitness trainers explain to their clients about the benefits of protein balance in their diets to maintain muscles and control hunger.

Here’s Melissa’s tip:

I agree with her.

TIP #10

Practice meditation and yoga

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Donna Sellers

She is a yoga therapist and creator of Yoga Spiritus.

Practicing regular yoga is one of the best health tips that can improve your personality, both physically and mentally. Performing yoga regularly will not just keep you fit but will help you in improving memory and concentration as well. Don’t believe me? Try and experience the results!

Donna likes to start her day with meditation and yoga. She says it is the fundamental part of her daily schedule, and missing it makes her uncomfortable for the day. Therefore, she suggests all of us to take time and perform stretching and yoga activities daily for our well-being.

TIP #11

Make sure to sleep well

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Adam Bornstein

He is a fitness editor, NYT bestselling author, and CEO at Born Fitness.

Adequate amount of sleep is incredibly essential for the heart, brain, and body – it recharges your cardiovascular system, improves your immune system, and heals damaged cells.

You must’ve felt much better and rejuvenated after a sound sleep. I do. Yes, it helps to get rid of your previous day’s fatigue and offers you a fresh new start.

Adam says that many of us underestimate the effect of lack of sleep. He encourages everyone to have a sound sleep by explaining that sleep deprivation can cause people to feel more hungry than usual which in turn leads to overeating. According to him, approximate 7 hours of sleep every night is enough to make us active.

Ask yourself this – are you sleeping well?

TIP #12

Say yay to superfoods

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David Wolfe

He is a nutritionist, entrepreneur, author, and product spokesman.

Superfoods are the latest fad in the nutrition and fitness industry – as they bring along plenty of health benefits. Trust me, they are indeed great for you. Some of the popular ones include honey, garlic, olive oil, avocado, and dark chocolate. The list is almost endless.

David makes us understand the importance of superfoods. He says that superfoods hold nourishing properties such as antioxidants and phytonutrients that help us stay vibrant throughout the day.

TIP #13

Maintain body weight by lifting weight

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Kate Horney, Owner of BeyondFit Mom

She is a fitness expert, certified nutrition consultant, and loves to share real-life tips and tricks. You can read her full bio here.

A lot of people might’ve told you that lifting weight is only for men or it will not help you lose weight. So, is it true? Absolutely not! In fact, the exercise will effectively help you in weight loss and toning muscles.

Kate recommends lifting weights in your gym. Just cardio doesn’t prove to be helpful. According to her, a perfect weight loss plan should include a balance of exercise sessions such as walks, stretching, weight training, core training, cardio, and HIIT as well. She says weight training is the number one method to get in right body shape.

Here’s an add-on tip

TIP #14

Stay away from negative thoughts

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Rachel Begun

She is a consultant, writer, public speaker, and spokesperson. You can read her bio here.

Having positive thoughts is one of the healthiest tips which is often overlooked by many of us. Eating wholesome and staying fit may be important facets of being healthy, but being mentally positive is crucial as well.

Tensions are a part and parcel of life, but we have to be smart enough to manage them and try to stay happy every second. There are various ways to stay content. Find yours.

Our expert suggests simple ways to handle the same – yoga, meditation, talking to loved ones, reading a book, and doing anything that pleases you.

Please do keep this in mind every time you want to snap and stress.

Let us know additional ways to beat stress and negative thoughts in the comment section below.

TIP #15

Eliminate carbs from your diet

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Kris Gunnars, CEO at Authority nutrition

He’s a personal trainer, editor, musician, and nutritionist. You can read his full bio here.

This is one of the most common tips that dietician and fitness experts recommend to their clients.

Our expert Kris says that one of the most effective ways to lose weight is to cut down the intake of carbohydrates. He says wheat and sugar are worst forms of refined carbs. Also, he explains that the so-called healthy sugars such as coconut sugar and agave are also forms of sugar. Stay away from them too.

TIP #16

Eat realistic and don’t be harsh on diet

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– Jill Weisenberger

She’s a registered dietician and educator. You can read her bio here.

Whether you are focusing on weight loss or bodybuilding, make sure to plan a realistic diet for yourself. Being too harsh and following crash diets has never been a helpful option. Newbies get attracted to detox and crash diets, which basically focus on short-term goals and end up with harmful long-term effects on health.

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe from Jill.

TIP #17

Keep in mind that change is constant

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– Dylan Klein, Owner and Author of Calories in Content

He’s a nutritionist for Rutgers football team. You can read his full bio here.

A good advice that he gives is to keep improving upon existing practices. As same is boring, try to bring new changes – it is not just rewarding but fun as well.

Dylan suggests that we make sustainable and small changes in our physical training and daily diet. For instance, he says major changes such as too much of cardio or zero-carb intake is not a sustainable solution in the long run. Maintain a balance.

That’s a good tip.

TIP #18

Take time out to cook

(Image credits)

Joy Bauer, Founder of Nourish Snacks

She’s a health and nutrition expert and bestselling author. You can read her bio here.

Working all day long and eating without knowing what’s on your plate should be a no-no.

Joe suggests you spend some time in the kitchen, prepare meals from scratch, know what’s cooking, serve the family, and experience unexplainable bliss.

She tries every day to unplug from her work zone and get her hands down on cooking.

Yes, cooking can be a stress buster. Try it.

TIP #19

Say NO to processed foods

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Jeanne Heileman, Yoga trainer at Tantra Flow Yoga

She’s a master yoga educator. You can read her bio here.

Natural food that has been altered in any manner is termed as processed food. It includes frozen foods, chopped beefs, chopped veggies, and also bagged beans.

Let me quote a few lines from our expert’s column –

Here’s an add-on tip for you:

Stay away from processed food for a flat belly.

TIP #20

(Image credits)

Rachel Scott

She’s a writer, trainer, and expert yoga guru. You can read her bio here.

If you’re aiming to lose weight, you’ve got to be patient. I remember, my trainer used to start every session with a five-minute speech on patience – and it worked!

Rachel too tells you to go slow, stressing on having a bigger, positive picture in mind and ignoring slips on the way.

TIP #21

Keep a diet log/diary

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– Laura London, Owner at Laura London Fitness

She is a certified health counselor. You can read her bio here.

It’s important that you plan your diet and keep noting what is done and what to achieve. It’ll let you know about yourself. If you have a personal trainer or dietician, he/she can explain your plusses and minuses from your diet log.

Write dos and don’ts with respect to your diet. Strike out a goal after accomplishing it and move on to the next is what she says.

This bit of advice has helped me. You must try it too.

TIP #22

Count calories to maintain fitness

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– Tricia Ashley, Fitness expert

Although it seems difficult to count calories while consuming meals, you’ll eventually get habituated. It’s one of the best nutrition tips for body building and weight loss.

It’s an effective method to be on the right track and get the adequate energy required for the mind and body.

According to Tricia, people must eat properly while they are on their transformation mission. She explains the need of extra calories for training and also for body repairs. For instance, on days you are working out, you’ll need more calories — to burn fat, lose weight, or build muscle. A calorie-deficit diet can put stress on body tissues during exercise. And we don’t want that.

However, when you’re not exercising, you can and must consume fewer calories. So an approximate calorie count is a good idea.

TIP #23

Eat together

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Zipporah Oksman Owner at Viva Food and Nutrition

You can read this clinical nutritionist’s bio here.

It’s an underestimated tip, but has proved effective on grounds of spirituality, psychology, and social terms. Eating together with family or friends is beneficial for your well-being.

According to Zipporah, eating healthy food together should be the first step. You can also involve kids in every step — right from choosing menu to shopping and finally cooking.

TIP #24


(Image credits)

Stacy Cluxton Michael,

She’s a registered dietician. You can read her bio here.

I ain’t talking about kissing and burning calories here. KISS refers to Keep It Simple Silly – for overall nutrition. Having simple timely meals and working out regularly is one of the best daily nutrition tips that you can apply in your routine life.

You can start right away by adding one item from different food groups. For instance, make a plate that is inclusive of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

Stacy likes to eat small meals at regular intervals. This helps in keeping her metabolism active and avoiding unnecessary hunger pangs.

My final thoughts

Do practice what the experts have preached and experience positivity along with good health. As La Rochefoucauld, noted French author, rightly puts it: “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Following these on a daily basis has helped not just my body but also my mind and spirit. I’m now slowly but surely moving towards a high level of fitness. After all, the body achieves what the mind believes.

Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends. I would love to know your views and those of your friends in the comment section below.

Stay updated for more.

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